The Sharpest Edge Barbershop
80 Pulaski St.

Ware, MA 01082

(413) 967-4815

Business Description

The Sharpest Edge was founded on the values of an authentic old-world barbershop and we continue the traditions of the people who pioneered this profession. Once you sit in a barber chair at our shop you will be treated like family, get the best haircut you can get, and always leave with a straight razor finished haircut.

The shop holds the barbers to the highest standards. The expectations have always been and will always be that everyone maintains all current certifications, takes classes to maintain relevance in the field, practices the highest standards of sanitization and cleanliness as well as meticulously grooms whomever they serve.

We are the only barbershop in Ware and pride ourselves in being able to serve every individual in our town as well as many of the surrounding towns. In our shop we have seniors teaching children how to play chess on our chess board, barbers who specialize in working with diverse populations, mothers bringing in their children for first haircuts, children bringing in their parents for their old favorite style, and even people who would never typically interact sitting side by side talking about sports or the weather. We love the melting pot that we have been able to provide for our community.

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