The Ware-Gilbertville Covered Bridge

Bridge Street, Gilbertville/Ware, Ware, MA 01082

The Ware-Gilbertville Covered Bridge, built in 1887, crosses the Ware River at Bridge Street between the towns of Gilbertville and Ware. The bridge structure is comprised of a pair of Town Lattice Trusses with timber decking on the sides and floors and covers about 136 feet.

The bridge was closed in 2005, when an engineering study by the state found that the integrity of the bridge could not be determined since it was made of wood and not metal. An onrush of activity from the two towns’ Historical Commissions and Societies, plus a group called “Save Our Covered Bridge” helped to ensure that work to resolve the issue would begin at once.

Thanks to the careful work of Daniel Lee, from Fay, Spofford and Thorndike, the bridge was lifted off the supports, which were then reinforced with steel beams, and the bridge was lowered back onto its footings.

Our bridge is unique in that it connects two towns and two counties in the heart of our Commonwealth. It is one of the last wooden truss bridges in the state. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.